MultipointUSA is a progressive multi-media company with over thirty years of custom design experience. We have a no-compromise philosophy in hardware design that we manufacture in-house.

We specialize in the manufacture of MultipointUSA “Extreme Audio and Video” editing creative content workstations, Multi-Media workstations, USA servers, “Neutral Zone®” line of power line conditioners, Regardless of your creative expression if it’s based on computers and digital content we can be of service, from personal to full studio and office setups we can supply the client with a professional environment based on guaranteed results and operational stability.

We pride ourselves with hands-on, handmade products; taking into account all the aspects of equipment vs. environment, working in the real world.

Sound Monitors

The right sound monitors can have a profound effect on your Virtual Studio. The right illusion created by your monitors can put you into another world of sight and sound. To surround yourself with any illusion you can think of, on multiple plains of consciousness. Our smallest design based on professional characteristics. Specifications are in accordance with or exceed the A.E.S. recommended practice for specifications of audio speaker components used in Professional Audio and Sound Reinforcement. A.E.S. 21984ANSI S 4.26 1984.

You can only compromise so far, you still have to obey the laws of Nature. What we have done is design a system that is based on what is called ” Near Field Monitors ” a debatable term but; that within a certain distance from the set up they have all the characteristics of their larger cousins. In this case, that distance is three to six feet in a straight line no obstructions or reflections. These monitors are of reference quality and based on our “Multiple Diffusion Plane” technology, the entire enclosure acts as a diffuser.

They are self-powered and come in two versions. A “Three Way ” system consisting of a 1.25-inch Titanium high-frequency compression driver with 3.5 lbs. of magnet structure and a sensitivity of 113″DB” backed up by an 8-inch “Polykevlar ” fiber composite cone speaker with 6 lbs. of magnet structure and a sensitivity of 100″DB”. Designed to be used with a subwoofer; it consists of a 12 inch “Polykevlar ” ribbed fiber composite cone speaker with 21 lbs. of magnet structure and a sensitivity of 100 “db” in a separate sub frequency enclosure (1000 watts).

Plus the Ultimate “Five way” system consisting of the drivers above plus a Three inch Titanium High Performance Mid Range compression driver with Neodymium magnet structure of 5.5 lbs. and a sensitivity of 115″db” to that is also added a 18 inch “Polykevlar ” ribbed fiber composite cone speaker with 24 lbs. of magnet structure and a sensitivity of 110 “db” in a separate sub frequency enclosure (1500 watts). The systems can be used as reference monitors or “Live” reference monitors, they are available in Stereo Format, Three Track, or Surround sound set up in 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 set ups or in “MultipointUSA Ultra Matrix 10.1 set up.

All systems come with all wiring needed, power and signal.


Suite Driver Specifications

MID-RANGE DRIVER: The most important driver in the system, it provides fidelity to the presentation. Almost all signals are reinforced through the Mid Range Driver (500Hz. to 5KHz.) It’s importance and integrity can not be Read more…

Audio Workstations

The foundation is the absolute strength of any system, stability the base that supports your system the physical platform that provides the characteristics for optimum performance. The system is just that, all the physical levels Read more…

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