The foundation is the absolute strength of any system, stability the base that supports your system the physical platform that provides the characteristics for optimum performance. The system is just that, all the physical levels of operation that support the software operate separate from the software load. The “Neutral Zone”® multiple levels of enclosure operation, from the depths of a multi staged, filtered, and neutral unlimited power supply.

Audio Workstation

An absolute cooling system of chilling response. A system “Ready to Run”. Creation Content A/V based Multi-Media Workstation/Server; extremely fast, ultra stable a powerful system, ideal for digital content creation. Run memory taxing computer aided design (CAD) or digital creation programs in real time. Increased memory and floating point processing, design your ideas with fully rendered models. SCSI based operation in 32bit or 64bit, running 15K rpm. program drives, in “Real Time” (1.5 m/s) with unbelievable stability. “Live” by >20GB m/s. peak bandwidth by 256 Terabytes of memory address space (16GB) .

Run intensive multi-threaded applications, multiple simultaneous audio / video streams, 24bit/96KHz. and higher, make changes on the fly without glitches or hiccups, store any size work on workstation, render entire projects without any problems from the same system.

We manufacture both 32bit and 64bit platforms to the same specifications. We recommend 64bit based systems for added performance.

The heart of our system running in Windows Professional XP64 / 2003 Server are Four 64 bit AMD “Opteron” Processors at 2.2GHz. with 4MB cache, 1MHz. Hyper Transport, 8 to 16GB of memory and 15K rpm. SCSI drives. Varying in enclosure design and storage capacity. No Compromise based designs, providing superior Continuous Duty Performance.

Utilizing the best components and outstanding design specifications MultipointUSA’s Extreme Workstation Platforms benefit from our philosophy in hardware design and sub-system support.

Run your programs to the fullest extent of their capabilities. Systems use a combination of hardware processing boards, external I/O units, and application software. For the production, editing, and mastering of today’s highest quality digital Creation Content distribution formats. (Sixteen core systems are based on 24 inch rack mounted systems). All systems run whisper quiet (20-25″db”) and cool under 100% load (102° F at 65°F ambient room temp.) and are maintained on the cutting edge, for …

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