24 bit / 192KHz./ > 120″db” of dynamic range / .008 THD. / 7.1 surround sound system / eighteen (18) high fidelity drivers mounted in seven enclosures / horn based on one and two inch Titanium driver system / whether component based or computer based system.

audio playback in 7.1 Surround Sound from small personal set ups to full scale theatre featuring MultipointUSA 10.1 Ultra Matrix Surround Sound Titanium based multiple point sound monitors.

Full frame high definition video response. Configured with multiple video monitors from wide screen LCD, to full theatre with DLP projection system. Also include the ultimate gaming set up with multiple video monitors for virtual reality game play or simulation. Audio playback in 7.1 Surround Sound from small personal set ups to full scale theatre featuring MultipointUSA 10.1 Ultra Matrix Surround Sound Titanium based multiple point sound monitors.

Personal Cinema solution provides customers with high fidelity realism for playback of audio and video to full digital entertainment system. Transform your media experience into your personal theatre environment. Visible or not in the overall room design, not everyone likes to look at components. A complete multimedia hardware and software solution by combining full digital video recorder (DVR) functionality and video editing software with power and performance .

Computer based system includes TV tuner/ cable or satellite input, graphics card with support for digital (DVI) or an analog (VGA) monitor whether Plasma, LCD, or projector based, a multifunction remote control (with USB receiver), a media hub that allows for easy connectivity of audio/video peripherals. The Personal Cinema family brings support for high-definition TV and delivers the only solution to feature component-out video as a standard feature. Watch TV, DVDs, and digital photo slideshows on their PC. Channel surf, record, and “timeshift” live TV. Find programs quickly and easily with the system electronic program guide (EPG). Experience smooth playback of DVDs and create slideshows for digital photos to showcase on large displays.

Edit home movies and video content with ease. MultipointUSA’s Personal Cinema includes full versions of Ulead® DVD Movie Factory™ 2.5 and Ulead® Video Studio® 7.1SE software for easy video capture and editing.

Burn TV, home movies or any video source directly to DVD, CD, or hard drive. Real-time authoring and simultaneous watch-and-record capabilities give customers added flexibility over where and when they watch their favorite TV programs and videos.

Listen to High Fidelity FM radio with an on-board radio tuner that also allows for recording and time shifting of radio content. Store all of your audio and video collection and have playback for any multi-media event.

Play the latest 3D games with NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX graphics. The award-winning GeForce FX graphics delivers a full support for the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0-based applications and games and supercharges any gaming experience with blazing-fast performance. NVIDIA ForceWare graphics drivers deliver rock-solid stability and reliability and compatibility for hassle-free gaming, the way it’s meant to be played.

System Specifications:

High Definition Audio /Video exacting specifications to get outstanding results: based on 3 GHz. micro-processor system, large memory, 2 GB, High Definition Cinema video card, direct X 9, 1920 X 1440 screen resolution, 24bit / 192KHz. based audio, 7.1 Surround Sound system for correct audio playback.

System Specifications Audio Specifications Sound Monitor Specifications Video Specifications Projector Specifications

Ultimate Personal Theatre

A stand alone sectional High Definition Audio Center, made to fit any room. It can be tailored to fit a client’s budget and interior design. It can be totally hidden in the ceiling, walls or appear as a contemporary digital entertainment unit. It’s available in many textures and finishes to fit with room design. Available in most colors (polyurethane) etc; natural wood grain finished in multiple coats of hand rubbed polyurethane or hand rubbed natural finish in Tung Oil. This provides many decades of wear and beauty. The Audio Center unit is based on the use of multiple reflections. It produces an image based on a live performance, whether listening to a CD, VCR, DVD, TAPE, etc.

The Wall Unit version is a no compromise Ten Track, Seven Way complete Multi-Media Audio Environment Unit, with Surround Sound and Dual Subwoofers. ( 10.1 response) The system comes complete based on MultipointUSA’s Digital Entertainment Center with audio components, tuner, power amps; etc. The unit is of all hardwood construction primarily oak, ash and walnut. Hardwoods have different characteristics, we take advantage of these differences to give the speaker enclosures a resonance not unlike that of the woodwind family of musical instruments. Bonded and fastened “Tuned Resonator Grade Construction”, sealed inside and out.

This gives the client many decades of enjoyment. The unit comes with all drivers Sixteen of them, pre-wired with a MultipointUSA Matrix crossover unit power amplifiers and “Neutral Zone” filtered power source. The rock of realism with power and definition to create an audible and visual illusion defining your perspective of reality.

The unit measurements vary depending on the client’s requirements and budget. Example: unit built into the existing wall, twelve inches deep depending area, plus the type of monitor or video screen used. There are five sections which are twenty four inches wide, two for drivers, one for equipment rack and one for storage of tapes, CD’s records, etc. Comes with roll out drawers. The fifth is expandable to any size screen, top and bottom contain drivers for the center channel.

Every enclosure or component we sell we construct in our shop and test in our lab. All component parts are made in the U.S.A. to our exacting specifications. This is the simplest solution the entire assembly fits into your space like a piece of furniture.

Ultimate Personal Theatre

Fished space, designed from ground up (basement or family room) this way we control the overall response of the room. The room can have many looks from conventional to contemporary. The components are hidden in the walls, ceiling, floors even furnishings if desired. This is very popular with customers who like the look of a typical family or entertainment room without the atmosphere of component enclosures occupying floor space. Even the grills of the enclosures are painted the same as the walls for a total blend in look, it also keeps the peace when talking about room design.

Total Custom Theatre Experience

At this point we can either design a complete theatre experience down to the last detail or the client can live out their fantasy. With the aid of computer design (CAD) we can design almost anything the customer can dream up and match the specifications to the room’s response.

All designs given to customer are aided with Three Dimensional plans and pictures to show what the finished room will look like down to wall coverings, furnishing, fabrics etc. So there are no surprises with the finished product.