MID-RANGE DRIVER: The most important driver in the system, it provides fidelity to the presentation. Almost all signals are reinforced through the Mid Range Driver (500Hz. to 5KHz.) It’s importance and integrity can not be stressed enough. The driver must be made to outstanding specifications, and must function to extreme tolerances. Geometrically optimized diaphragm consisting of a one piece dome and suspension fabricated from pure TITANIUM. The diaphragm is a mere .0012 in thickness! The combination of the diaphragm geometry and material choice give the Mid Range Driver an ideal combination of superb High Frequency response and resistance to fatigue from stress. Power Frequency Response 500Hz to 5KHz. / 6″db” per octave roll off to 20KHz. / Sensitivity 115″db” (1W1M) / Voice Coil Diaphragm 2.00″ / All TITANIUM / Net weight of driver 14 lbs.
Specifications are in accordance with or exceed the A.E.S. recommended practice for specifications of loudspeaker components used in Professional Audio and Sound Reinforcement. A.E.S. 21984ANSI S 4.26 1984.

SUPER TWEETER High Performance Compression Driver : The combination of High Frequency response puts sparkle into the presentation. The response might go beyond 40,000 Hz. depending on recorded medium and equipment used. Exceptional High Frequency performance is realized through a design which includes a specially formed lightweight TITANIUM Diaphragm and low mass voice coil. Power Frequency Response 1500Hz to 20KHz. and above / 6″db” per octave roll off / Sensitivity 113″db” (1W1M) / Voice Coil Diaphragm 1.25″ all TITANIUM / Net weight of driver 4.2 lbs.

LOWER MID-RANGE 8″ ENCLOSURE: Next to the High Frequency and Mid Range Driver the six inch speaker is very important. It completes the FOCAL POINT of the High Frequency drivers performance. It supplies the lower mid range and upper low end of the bass response. This is the point where the guitar exists the pluck of a violin string, the attack of a bass fettle, the nuances of bass response. Brings out detail and crispness in the response. Five inch High Resolution Speaker / Tuned Port enclosure / Power Frequency Response 650Hz to 800Hz.Sensitivity 95″db” (1W1M) Cone POLYKEVLAR K-2 Sandwich cone (per E.I.A. Standards RS 426A) 100 watts continuous duty 200 watts peak. / Net weight of Driver 6 lbs.

The brightness of Lower Mid-Range bass, the top end of a tenor voice, Viola, Trombone, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone in concert pitch “A” above middle “C” A tuned port enclosure, very high output level extended length voice coil for High Impact reproduction of dynamic low frequency program material. Voice coil and pole pieces protected with heat transfer path, also reduces distortion across the band. Power Frequency Response 450Hz to 650hz. / Sensitivity 98″db”(1W1M) (per E.I.A. standards RS 426A) / Suspension Ribbed KEVLAR Fiber Composite surround / 300 watts continuous duty 1200watts peak / Net weight of driver 18 lbs.

EXTENDED LABYRINTH ENCLOSURE: 12in. woofer True acoustic response requires relativity large enclosures to reproduce the wave at this set of frequencies. A true wave in this area can be over 12ft. in length. Most all brass, woodwinds, strings, tenor, baritone and bass voices appear in this range. This enclosure reproduces a round response that gives the program material a even fullness. Frequency response 175Hz to 450Hz. / 2.5in. Voice Coil / High output extended length / Sensitivity 98″db”(1W1M) / Suspension Ribbed KEVLAR fiber composite surround (per E.I.A. standards RS 426A) 300watts continuous duty / 1200watts peak / net weight of driver 25lbs.

18in. woofer Bass response is a very subtle statement. To reproduce sound waves at this set of frequencies the sound must be tight well rounded and articulate, not muddy. The largest enclosure for the largest response. A wave of a low “A” on a piano (27Hz) is over 28ft. long. The enclosure is rolled off at each end but it can reproduce as low as 12Hz! Depending on program source. To reproduce these frequencies the enclosure must have correct volume and massive amounts of strength. Material density and cross bracing so the enclosure’s natural resonance is handled properly. The low end of a Symphony Orchestra is a very complicated detailed sound source to reproduce. Frequency Response 37Hz to 175Hz. / 4in. Voice Coil / High output extended length / Sensitivity 96″db”(1W1M)(per E.I.A. standards RS 426A) / Suspension Ribbed KEVLAR fiber composite / 600watts continuous duty / 1600watts peak / net weight of driver 25lbs

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