Real Time Creation content systems and sub systems both 32bit and 64bit designed for professional use with speed, dependability, stability, and operational power being paramount. “No Compromise” based designs, providing superior continuous duty performance. Utilizing outstanding components and impeccable design specifications, MultipointUSA’s Extreme Workstation Platforms featuring AMD Opteron processors reaching outstanding performance . Our experience in designing only high end systems has proven our dedication to providing systems with better cost vs. operation characteristics, that provide longer life cycle with extended creative work load.

Because of constant changing conditions and misleading information in the computer world we ask that customers contact us directly by e-mail so we can give the best competitive bid. We will then contact the customer by phone one on one, to give the best possible bid based on their knowledge and specifications. In this manner the customer’s expectations and requirements are fulfilled and they are supplied with a professional machine meeting their needs.

To this end we offer the following outstanding solutions:

  • Customers
  • Audio Turn key digital audio editing systems for composition and Live performance
  • Video Creation content based performance for video, animation, film, CAD etc.
  • Small Business Server Dual processor performance set ups for small companies
  • Earth Stations Full isolated temperature controlled rack system
  • Extreme Gaming Systems Gaming to Flight Simulation
  • We also offer systems using customer specifications